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MOTUS was born from the passion and knowledge of wood of its founder, Marco Barbieri, who has been working in the commercial field for 40 years and in the world of wooden floors and lumber for 33 years, essential for acquiring technical knowledge and thus strengthening the relationship with customers.
We work with seriousness and competence for customer satisfaction, guaranteeing top-quality materials, assistance, and technical support. MOTUS floors are an expression of our way of working but also of the style and aesthetic taste that distinguish us.
Ours is a passion that is in no hurry: we are wood craftsmen. We like to take care of every little detail: from the selection of raw materials to the processing and production of top-of-the-line wooden floors.
Precisely because we care about wood, we pay attention to the sustainability of our products, which we choose carefully, knowing every phase of the production process.

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